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Think Inside the Leaf: Herbal Self-Care with Kat Gulick

Breathe, sip, and relax as the biochemistry of herbal infused teas, juices, herbal soups, and elixirs, transform you.  There will also be a brief herbal skin care demonstration.

Samples include local organic, super healing, herbal teas and available for purchase are dried and fresh herbs available through Kat .

Samples include Chilled Summer time favorites

Nervine Brew: Lavender lemonade

Sumer Goddess: Lemon balm, mint, ginseng

Holy, Holy, Holy Basil (Tulsi), hibiscus, raspberry leaf

Red Clover Roasted Veg Soup

Chaga Chai Love

Heart Hawthorn Berry, Rose Petal & Gogi Tea 

Class is free and all are welcome to join!  We will have a small art section on the patio for kiddos and adults.  Donations kindly welcomed!


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2:00 PM14:00

Think Inside the Leaf, with Kat Gulick

A new workshop this year:  Think Inside the Leaf with Kat Gullick, Herbalist and Chef.
Breathe, sip, and relax as the biochemistry of herbal infused teas, juices, and elixirs, transforms you.
This class is guided by learning, listening, and tasting botanicals to nourish and protect the body and spirit.  It offers economical and nourishing tips on how to grow, harvest, store, and prepare a wide variety of local healing botanicals.

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2:00 PM14:00

Fall Planting with Bread and Roses Nursery, pt. II

Part Two: Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Fall

Most people think of spring as the planting season, but while the days are getting shorter and nights cooler, trees and shrubs are sending all of the energy from their leaves to their roots where they can continue to grow underground until the ground freezes.  It's a little known fact that trees and shrubs put on the majority of their roots growth each year between September and November.  Without the stress of hot, sunny days, plants can become established in little time, with minimal care, and get a head start going into to the following spring.

Learn how to take advantage of planting dormant trees and shrubs in autumn.  We will cover everything from how to choose the proper location, prepping and amending the soil for maximum success, and methods of future maintenance.

Presented by Salem Willard of Bread & Roses Nursery and Bread & Roses Gardens"

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2:00 PM14:00

Fall Planting--Extending Your Harvest

Part One - Extending Your Vegetable Harvest

Tomatoes ripe on the vine, beans heavy on the bush, zucchini getting overly plump... Oh the pleasures of summer gardening! 

It's hard to think about fall crops with so much going on, but now is the time to set out your plants for late season harvest.  In the fall, growers will find success with difficult spring crops like broccoli, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts!  The cool weather brings on a delicious sweetness to greens and roots and with simple season extension techniques growers can push harvest into December!

This lecture is part one of a two part series on Fall Gardening with Bread & Roses Nursery.  Part one will discuss annual vegetables and part twoperennials. 

The first lecture will focus on choosing the right crops, how to prepare your ground organically, tips and techniques from planting to harvest, and season extension.  This discussion will benefit both experienced and new gardeners.  Please join us for a fun afternoon. 

Presented by Jonas Carpenter of Bread & Roses Nursery and Mavourneen Farm.   

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12:00 PM12:00


Education, discussion, and the sharing of ideas are a big part of what Deep Roots is all about.  We are planning weekly or biweekly presentations to be held on Sunday afternoons in the Bloomingfoods patio sunroom.  Please check back for more info...

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It's true--we're opening on Saturday!.  Come join us for a special celebration with Tom Roznowski, the Ruff Boys, and perhaps others providing music.  Delectable, healthy treats, too!  Saturday, April 8 from noon to 6. 

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